Erdély FM is a radio production studio based in Târgu Mures (Marosvásárhely). We produce radio programmes designed for commercial broadcast stations in Hungarian language, focusing on public service subjects. Erdély FM was launched on 28 June 2007, when the great public could listen to the first edition of Híradó Délben (News at Noon) broadcasted from Miercurea Ciuc (Csíkszereda). Erdély FM has an increasing coverage in Transylvania. The range of programmes is also gradually widening.

Thanks to our partner radios our programmes reach out to several tens of thousands of Hungarians in Romania, starting from August 2007.

We aim at presenting a range of programmes varied enough to address Hungarians in Romania of all age groups and social strata, with different fields of interest.

The programme policy is devised by the editorial board. The ethical code of the BBC is our closest model. The core values of the programmes are as follows:

  • open
  • modernising
  • integrative
  • constructive
  • innovative

Members of the editorial board cannot be party members, cannot participate in political campaigns and cannot commit themselves to daily political issues. The average age of the editors is under 30.

Erdély FM is run by the Janovics Jenő Foundation. Its main sponsor is the Communitas Foundation.